Quite frankly the summers in the 70's and 80's were simply the best. We were outside playing and taking full advantage of summer whether it was climbing a tree or taking off for a few hours on our bikes. To escape the heat we relied on running through a sprinkler or getting a Sunny Boy from the local shop.

The smell of the Australian summer is definitely unique,  fresh air, the smell of sausages on the bbq, the smell of the bush or beach. There is simply nothing like it.

Revamped from the 70's this retro original, our Terry towelling hat encompasses what we think are the simple things in life.  Dunk it in the river to keep cool on your head or wear it when hiking or at the beach. It's all part of the summer uniform, thongs, shorts, zinc, and pop on your terry bucket hat!   Our wide brims are made to weather the great Australian summer.

To salute our love of all things retro we have also brought to life a new range of terry towelling visors. Perfect for the golfer, fisherman, campers or traveler. Just pack in your suitcase and go. Made with the same care as always and the comfort of soft terry towelling cotton.

Enjoy the summer, take deep breaths and stop the rushing. Enjoy the feeling of bare feet and a good book, find that perfect Sunday session or camp out at Fraser Island.

The Terry summer is all about finding your happy place and slowing down the pace.