As we head into the holidays, we get commonly asked how our hats should be packed. The best thing about our Terry towelling hats is really the soft cotton terry towelling. Unlike straw hats, the beauty of terry towelling bucket hats is that they are so packable and crushable and won’t take up too much room in any suitcase.

Bucket hats or visors really do give you the ultimate in sun protection. We know as an Australian company how harsh the weather can be and therefore developed lovely wide brims that protect you from the sun. Straw wide brims can be great for coverage too however nothing beats the ease of soft cotton to fold and forget. It will take nothing to resume the great bucket shape when you reach your destination.

The best way to pack your hat is to simply fold it in half and then lie it flat in your case. When you reach your destination simply unfold it and let it rest. The crease will relax within an hour or you can easily just iron the crease out if you prefer.

Our hats are designed for families. We understand whether you are camping, fishing or boating, hats get knocked around.  We like the fact our hats are that fuss-free piece of clothing that you can just wash and hang on the line and it's back on your head. Soft, wearable and practical to take on your next holiday anywhere.

Whether you are tracking in the wilderness or sitting on the beach you can’t beat a Terry. Enjoy your holidays.